May Favorites

As June is here and May is gone, I bring to you my favorite products from May!

With summer coming up, exams and finishing up what is happening in each class leaves you with less time, One way I like to save some time is with Dry shampoo. This one is the batiste- Hint of Color in dark deep brown. I like it because in the morning I don’t have to be so worried about making sure their is no white powder in my hair, unlike most other dry shampoos. It can be found at Walmart, Target, Marshall’s and many other places.


Another product I have been loving this month is the Maybelline Brow Drama in soft brown. It holds my eyebrows all day and adds a hint of color without being over bearing. And again it is fast and simple.


For my nails I have fallen in love with OPI. Their nail polishes just seem to stay on so well even without a top or bottom coat. It amazes me every time how long I can go with out redoing my nails because how well OPI works. I have been using Dulce de Leche for a nude-ish warm tone pink. I bought this one at Ulta. The other color is by OPI, is part of their Nicole line, and came in a two pack at Marshall’s. It is a very pretty toned down lilac, called Lilac the Door. Both of these nail polishes are great muted spring colors.             

  IMG_9117 IMG_9118

With the weather warming up it’s hard not to sweat a little bit at least. And who doesn’t want to smell tropical, summery, and good instead of sweaty and gross? So my favorite combat to sweat is gel deodorant in a fun scent. In honor of summer I choose a coconut. The gel is my favorite because I like black and normal deodorant gets all over black cloths, and I simply feel refreshed and that it works a bit better. I have been using Secret’s sent expressions in coconut splash, in gel form.


And last for this month is two of NYX’s jumbo eye pencils. I have been loving the colors French Fries and Sparkle Nude. When I need to get ready fast and want to look fancier I use French Fries, it is just a dark brown basically, and I color my eyelid and blend out for a darker smokey look. It’s super easy and super quick. The other color is great for everyday, when you want quick and simple. It has a bit of sparkle and is a warm champing color with a hint of gold.

IMG_9121  IMG_9122

-Allie kat


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