Nude’ tude vs Nude Dude


The Balm is known for cheaper, but still high end beauty products that are surrounded by cute vintage style packaging and fun names. Offerring a cheaper alternative to Urban Decay’s Naked Palette The Balm came out with Nude’ tude, a natural inspired eye shadow pallet. The other month, The Balm released the second palette in the “Nude collection”, Nude Dude. A lot of people are wondering the differences and similarities between the two pallets, so I made a post about my thoughts between them.

First off I think they are actually very different, but their are a few similarities. I did a few swatches to show the colors that I thought were pretty similar.


Both pallets have a matte brown, which is always handy, and each a bit different. Sultry is a bit deeper and warmer, while Flawless is lighter and more cool toned. Next we have Sexy, one of my favorite colors, it’s a matte red wine  color. Friendly and Funny both reminded me a bit of Sexy, but neither was quite it, Friendly is a matte deep warm purple while Funny is more of a redish brown that is a satin finish.


I thought they looked maybe a little similar in the pan, and when I swatched them they would be even more similar, but I was wrong, they are pretty different, they are both simmery, golden midtowns, but Firm is a bit more pink and purplely.


These were the simmery light golden colors of both pallets. Snobby is more yellow while faithful is more golden. Fabulous is just lighter and more  white.

Each pallet offered different things. Nude’ tude offers some great colors like Sexy, Seductive, and the best black (Serious), but it  lacks wearable and matte lighter colors, I feel like it is a great pallet for dressing up looks. Nude Dude is more everyday and golden and purple. I like the wearable matte light color (Fearless) and the fun gold colors, but it is lacking a black and some deeper dressier colors (if that makes sense).

In my opinion both pallets are good, if you need some nice rich colors to add to your looks pick up Nude’ tude, but if you would like more everyday or Naked 3 is colors, go for Nude Dude

-Allie Kat


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