Amusement Park Beauty

Summer is getting close to over, and everyone is trying to get their summer bucket list checked off. One thing on a lot of summer bucket lists is the amusement park, since the weather is so nice. You don’t have to wear makeup to the amusement park, but if you want to, here are some of the things I love to use to look and feel fab at the park.

Deodorant– no one wants to be stinky, I like this one because it’s gel, so if I wear dark colors it doesn’t leave white marks and it seems to work better for me. This one smells like coconut which is one of my favorite summer sects.


-Primmer stuff-I like to use something under my make up like a primer, that controls shine and has spf in it. I got this in my ipsy bag a few months ago that I like to use, it’s not actually a primer, but it does help keep you matte, stay moisturized, and contains spf.


-Blotting Sheets– Also to keep from shinning I like to keep blotting sheets with me, I know the clean and clear ones are popular, but I just have these random ones I picked up from Five Below one day and they work just fine.

FullSizeRender copy

– Matte Powder- My last weapon against shine is the cult favorite, Rimmel Stay Matte powder, mine is so beat up. The only really disappointing thing is that it has no spf in it, so you really need to make sure you still have some on.

IMG_7727 IMG_7726

-Face Sunscreen– Speaking of spf, my favorite product to protect from the sun is this stuff called Brush on Block. It’s sunscreen in the form of a powder that you can just brush onto your face. It actually makes you feel less greasy, because the powder soaks some grease up. You can find it on amazon, but I will warn you it’s a bit pricey but I think it’s still  worth it.

FullSizeRender copy 2

-Lip Sunscreen– My last tip with spf is not to forget your lips. When you are outside all day at the amusement park you really don’t want to burn anything, especially your lips, they really hurt. I like this chapstick that smells and tastes so good and has so much spf in it from Havana Tropic.


-Sweat-proof Cheek Products– Using a lot of powder isn’t always the best idea when you are going to be outside sweating all day, thats why I like these stick and tint blushes. Just put a little on for a fresh look and blend!

IMG_7717 IMG_7715

– Pop of Lip– Another tip to keep your makeup fun and melt proof is using a fun lip color that you can easily apply throughout the day if needed. It adds some color to everything and is easy to maintain through out the day!

IMG_7730IMG_7709 IMG_7728

– Eye Stuff– You can also add some pop with some waterproof eyeliner in a fun color or a cream eyeshadow, these are both sweat proof and easy to use.

IMG_7724 IMG_7725

-Waterproof Mascara– I normally use waterproof mascara anyway because it holds my curl better, but it’s even more important when you go to the amusement park because you will be sweating and their may even be tears, you never know, some rides are super scary 😉 I have been really liking this one, it’s the Revlon, lash potion in waterproof.


-Allie Kat


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