Subtle Blue Eyes

I wanted to try a blue eye color, but in a supper subtle way, not as a pop of color. So I went for it! FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender

I started with Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original. This is my favorite eye primer, it keeps everything in place all day.

The next thing I did was apply Virgin from Urban Decay to my lid. Virgin is a whitish color with a hint of sheen, it is not matte.

I took the color Naked from Urban Decay and Blended it into my crease as a transition color and a bit of a crease color.

I moved on to the BLUE, YAY! I used a navy color from the Balm’s Meet Matt Nude palette on a fluffy brush to lightly work it into the outer crease area and a bit of the outer corner. I lightly applied it building till I was happy, I focused on putting it into the crease and blending outward.

I wanted to blend a bit more and add something fun to it, so I added the blue color from the Clinique quad from my haul ever so lightly. The color is a aqua sheen color that may or may not be called “Jammin”.

I adde a navy eyeliner to finish off the blue look and curled and coated my eyelashes with some mascara.

I feel like this is a very wearable and subtle way to work a color into an everyday eye look. This look reminds me of winter and snow a little bit and could be fun to wear when all that comes up!

-Allie Kat


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