ipsy September 2015

I always look forward to my lipsy bags, but this month I was pretty disappointed. The bag was ok, but I couldn’t quite get past the fact that it reminded me of something my Great Grandma would pick out. And the worst part for me was that I had received TWO lotions, I don’t even use lotion all that much!

IMG_0890 2

  • The first thing I pulled out was the nail polish by X factor. It was ok, I don’t know how the quality of this band is so I will have to try it. But I can’t try it till later because the color is ignite, a dark cherry, and I’m not that ready for fall. So this was an underwhelming find for me.
  • The next thing I pulled out was the first lotion of the bag. When I found this I was exited actually. It was cute, by the brand Not soap, supposed to help with emotional and well being, and smelled of coconut and vanilla, two of my favorite scents! It is a good size for my purse or backpack, so I’m glad I got a lotion I will actually use. I normally hate when I receive lotion in my ipsy because I don’t use lotion that much and it normally smells funny, so this was a pleasant surprise.
  • After the first lotion I pulled out a second lotion. It was by the brand first aid beauty, the brand name exited me, and I even thought it was a facemark at first so I was supper exited. When I saw it was a boring lotion I was supper disappointed, especially when I found out it smelled like boring straight up lotion.
  • The next thing I pulled out was makeup, which exited me, I recognized the packaging from an item I received before, but it was a lip crayon instead of an eye crayon this time. By the brand tre’stique and in the color nantucket nude, I was feeling pretty exited, then I applied it to my lips. Because the weather is changing my lips are not the smoothest, not awful, but still chapped, this lip product made them look awful, and the worst part is the color didn’t even look good against my skin when I put it on and I even tried to ignore the peely look. I am still depressed over this.
  • Finally the last product, time to cross my fingers, thankfully NYX kept my spirits up with a fab little trio. It’s just for ipsy (I think they made a few different trios for glam bag subscribers so this one is the 01 one) It starts out with a shimmery golden champagne color, which I enjoy and will use, then a golden brown shimmer, and finally a matte black. I was so exited and was not disappointed this time, I have been looking for a matte black that I can throw in for traveling, and this works for me. I used it today to set my waterline and loved it, it stayed all day and was definitely black. This trio was the rockstar of this month’s bag.

IMG_0891 2

here are the swatches for this month, the trio and the lip color

-Allie Kat


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