Beauty Secrets (Skin Care Edition)


Skin care is a pretty important part of the day to me. It helps me feel clean and confident. Some of these products I swear by, and others I just really want to share my good thoughts on with you. These products are my skin care secrets.

-Oil and Water- you take any cooking oil of your pleaser, I choose olive oil, because I had it handy when I made this and water and put them into a container. I used a container from a travel thing from Target. When you use it you need to shake the bottle, and quickly pour it on to a cotton pad. I use this mixture to remove my eye makeup when I have more, or more stubborn makeup on. I can really concentrate and work and on my eyes when I do this. But, one thing I noticed is, if I get it in my eye, it won’t sting, but my vision in that eye will be blurry for about 5 minutes. That is one reason I don’t use this secret everyday.

-Vasalean/ Petroleum Jelly- I have heard some people have reactions to this near their eyes, but I have not heard of any incidents personally, I swear by this product. I think it is something everyone should have in their house. I like to use it to clean off suborn waterproof mascara and condition my eyelashes. I swear they look better after using it while I sleep, I see a difference after a few nights. It’s so good for anything dry. I use it on my lips, eyelids, elbows, anything. I also like when I mess up my eyeliner and I can use it to easily clean up, instead of wasting a whole makeup wipe.

-Clean and Clear Spot Treatment- If a pimple has turned to a white head, I put this on, and it works great. You can feel the burn and see the difference. They even have on the tube 100% of people see a difference, is there more to say? It is a great little miracle worker.

-Wash Pad- The pink thing is great, you get three for a dollar at the dollar tree, they come in different colors. One side is a soft terry cloth while the other side (Shown) is great for exfoliating. I feel like it helps me stay less messy by controlling the soap.

-Any Face Cream- I like to use these face creams because they don’t look oily on the skin like normal lotion, but they deeply moisturize, both things I greatly appreciate. It’s nothing fancy so sensitive skin can just soak it in and love it.

-HONEYYYYY-  I love this stuff! I actually won’t eat it (my Bulgarian coworkers have tried), unless I have a sore thought, it works wonders. Honey is natural and an antioxidant, so I find it works like a miracle in the shower on my face. When I use honey after a few uses I see a difference. I swear my skin just loves it, a lot of my skin’s impurities seem to disappear! This is my favorite!

-Coconut Oil- I forgot to picture it, but mine is ugly any way. I keep it in the shower and use it as a shaving gel. Because it make my legs oily and slippery I swear they feel hairless for longer. Also it’s a great feeling when your legs feel like BUTTER!

-Allie Kat


2 thoughts on “Beauty Secrets (Skin Care Edition)

    1. alliekatv9

      It works swell, But I forgot to mention if you use it to clear up a break out it can freak the area out more, it’s best to use it on direct spots:)


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