Fall/ Thanksgiving/ Nude Dude The Balm Eye Look

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I feel bad for all the other countries because they don’t get to celebrate it. It’s a day spent with family, friends, who ever, just eating and appreciating things. Then if you want that night/ early the next morning you can run out and join in on the crazy Black Friday deals. I also enjoy eating those foods that I don’t get all the time. I only eat turkey during thanksgiving, and I see my one family member who makes homemade Bread, YUM!!! Another great part of Thanksgiving is the fall fashion! The sweaters, boots, scarfs, they all are fun to wear to a fall occasion, just be sure you pants will be able to fit after the meal ; )

This eye look is pretty for anytime with the golden and copper colors. I used my Nude Dude by the Balm palette, it has similar colors to the Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay. I thought this would be lovely for just any fall day as well.



Step 1- Apply Faithful, a golden color, into the inner corner/ half of the eyelid.

Step 2- Apply Fit, a copper gold, to the rest of the lid, blend it into Faithful.

Step 3- Use Feisty, a matte warm pink brown, lightly to bend out into the crease.

Step 4- Use a pencil brush and apply Funny into the outer crease. blend, and repeat, keep going in till it looks how you love. Also use it to make the outer v look nice and deep. Drag it under onto the lower lash line to even the eye out.

Step 5- Highlight the brown bone with Fearless, a matte cream.

Step 6- Line your eye with Fierce, an almost black color with some sparkle.

Step 7-Finish off how you like, curl or just apply mascara to your eyelashes.

Step 8- Rock your look! Wear it anywhere and any time!


Enjoy! I hope you liked this look, I think its so pretty and good to wear this time of year. Happy Thanksgiving, and happy fall!

-Allie Kat


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