ipsy December 2015

This was a pretty good month for ipsy, not it’s best, but not its worst. The bag was ok, not my favorite, not my least favorite. It reminded me of an old school change purse.  It was an odd shape and not very big, but it was fairly wide. I just found it sorta weird.


– Elizabeth Mott’s eyeshadow primer was pretty good, I like it for traveling because it works nice and is smaller then my urban decay primer potion.

-the Pacifica lip color is in tender heart, an orange nude color,that’s matte. I love the idea of Pacifica with how it helps the world in all sorts of ways, but this lip product is a bit drying, but I’m still going to wear it.

– model co lip liner, in no one knows (because it had no name on it…). It’s a similar color to the other lip product, but a bit more pink. I haven’t really tried it out, as I have been at my grandparents house for the holidays, and I forgot to grab it. Also most days are spent by the pool with no makeup, as it is warmer where they live, and this winter has been very warm.

-ardel eyelashes, in 120- I keep wanting to try eyelashes, but never have anywhere to wear them, as I live in a laid back area, where no one dresses up, and mostly because, I’m scared they are going to fall off, the other reason is honestly an excuse.

-Marc Anthony conditioner, it’s coconut scented and a great size for me to bring to my grandparents house! I have been enjoying this as it smells nice and makes my hair feel good, even though I wouldn’t run out and buy it specially.

this bag wasn’t my favorite, but I am so happy I didn’t get anymore lotions.


-Allie kat


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