Ipsy July 2016

This month was not too bad, I have had better bags, but I have had worse. The bag its self was ok, it looked a bit used when I got it even though it was brand new, so I didn’t love that. The products this month were mostly confusing to me.

The first thing I got was the Too Face Hangover face primer. This is my third mini tube of it and I really like it. It smells slightly coconutty to me and I like that, it feels good on my skin, and does its job. So no complaints except it is not something new and fun, but at least it was one of the products I like and know how to use well for me.

The second thing I got was a skin spray. It says it works on other things, not just the face, but I don’t have any use for it except on my face. I love sprays, especially in the summer. I cannot tell if this spray helps my makeup stay on or come off tho. Too play it safe I use it in the morning before my appearance even comes to mind. My morning routine starts off with do what I have to to get out of bed, use the bathroom, eat, and then do the rest of the magic. I like to spend my first few minutes awake eating and relaxing a bit. Also the last thing I do is get dressed, I can be pretty messy, so to keep from changing my clothes in the morning more than once I change last after my teeth are brushed, my food is eaten, and my makeup is on. But back to the spray. When I wake up sometimes I feel greasy, so to start off fresh I spray this on to wake myself up and cut any grease.

I also got an angled eye brush. It’s pink, itty bitty, and pretty standard. Not much to hate.

I also got this moisturizing cream stuff. It is in another language and I still cannot figure it out, so I haven’t used it or really touched it.

And the last thing I got was this eyeshadow. My mother thought it was a blush, but that’s ok, maybe I’ll try it as a blush one day. I got the color plum, it is not all that purply to me, it’s more pinky. It’s a metallic eyeshadow, which isn’t my favorite, but I like this one well enough.


-Allie Kat




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