Ipsy August 2016

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This month was pretty good I’d have to say. The bag is pretty darn cute to start with. I like how it came with two options so everyone with an ipsy bag this month doesn’t have the exact same bag. The girl reminds me of a mermaid makeup princess. She has mermaid like hair and a makeup crown and it is all very pretty colors and dainty. The first thing I got was a mask, which excites me because I love masks. This one is for all skin types and is a dead sea mask. Because it is not just for oily skin or dry skin I’m not sure what it does, but I guess it adds minerals to your skin. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m super excited. I appreciate the packaging too, it will fit anywhere because it’s soft and moldable, but it’s not a foil that can’t be resealed. The next thing I got was a brighting peel gel. I am scared to use this right now, but sorta excited. I’m guessing it is like an at home facial peel, sorta like an exfoliant where you get rid of the top layer of dead skin cells and dirt. I need to research this more before I use it though. The rest of my bag was makeup and not skin care. I got a liquid highlight from NYX in the shade gleam. It can be used many ways, such as mixed in with foundation or how I like just as a liquid highlight on the high points of my face. It is a nice warm pink color and makes a great base for highlights or it is great on its own. The next thing I received was an eye trio, from jelly pong pong, in the color Neapolitan. It is the colors of neapolitan ice cream in the correct order. The “vanilla” shade is nice and warm and gold and such a pretty highlight for the face. The other two colors are pretty all over the lid, it is good for traveling because it is smaller than pocket size and gives you two eye colors and a highlight color in my case at least. I love how it is cruelty free as well and the packaging is supper cute with a little sketch of pairs. The last product is a Lord and Berry maxi matte crayon lipstick. I received the color Intimacy, a nice pinky berry tone. It is supper creamy which is important and the first thing I check for in a pencil, because I don’t like stabbing myself with something sharp to get a little color, it is not worth it to me, so this product passes that test. I haven’t worn it yet so I’m not sure how drying or long lasting it is, but I will have to see. I would say this is a pretty good bag.


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-Allie Kat


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