Ipsy October 2016

This month in ipsy was pretty good for me, it was about 50-50 when it came to stuff I was excited about and like and then stuff I did not care for. The bag is very festive this month, it is like sketches of halloween characters that are done very cute.


The nail polish I received has a very cool color. It is perfect for the cooler months and reminds me of oil slick color which is pretty in right now. I have yet to try it but I am very excited. I love how it changes in the light. The color is Grand Central by the brand Adesse New York.

I also received a face mask, by pur. I was very excited for this mask because I love masks and this one was a mud mask, my favorite type. I was so disappointed when I went to try it because it was so sticky I could not rub it around. If you were to buy it ,the tube would be used up very fast because a little goes no where with this mask, for me, I could try adding warm water but I felt like it should have moved more than it did on my face even without warm water.

I also received a little lipstick by treStique in the color Belize Bordeaux. It is a very pretty color, slightly sheer, but nice anyway. My mother got very excited when she saw it and I know I would not wear that color so I let her have it. I have not even touch the product so, I cannot say anything except it was pretty when my mom tried it on.

I am a fan of the balm so when I saw this mini Cabana Boy blush I was already excited. The blush is really pretty and the packaging is cute, it’s supper tiny so good for travel but so small it’s hard to get product on my blush brush. The color is a nice deep cool pink. I wish it was easier to use because the balm and their blushes are normally nice, but it’s hard to use with this sample packaging.

The last thing I got was a black felt tip eye liner. It’s a nice easy to use black one by ciate. I’ve used it a lot and it’s great, but it is not waterproof, something I’m not always used to.I like my eyeliners to be waterproof because I sometimes rub my eyes a little and I cry at almost anything, but other than that small complaint it’s overall a good product, I would not say anything special though.

This bag had its perks and its downfalls, but it wasn’t an awful bag. I would use almost all the products again if not often. I am still excited to try that cool polish but I just haven’t done it yet. October has been a busy month and I know it will continue to be. I hope you all have a great fall and happy and safe Halloween .

-Allie Kat




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