Ipsy April 2017


I got my ipsy bag the other day and was so excited to get into it. The bag is fun, but sadly not something I would use. It is a small ticket shaped bag, so it is a bit cartoon for me, bright red, and also not large enough for my stuff.

The first thing I saw was an Ofra Cosmetics blush, in the color Rendezvous Blush. I would consider this a brown with red undertones, that is mate to satin finish. I think it is great for a natural bronzed look on your cheeks. It is nice and creamy and very bendable. I like to use this to add color to my cheeks without it looking pink or anything, just healthy.

The next thing I pulled out was a toner by Skin & Co, from their truffle therapy line. This toner works lovely, I could not believe how much gunk was still on my face when I used it even after removing my makeup and washing my face! It had no intense scent or burn, but when I looked at my used cotton pad I saw it did something intense. After a few uses I did notice some slight tingling but I don’t think I’d say in a bad way.

I then saw a little container by Hikari Cosmetics. I noticed it said cream pigment in honey dew, I was excited to try it. It is a pink champagne color that is a metallic finish. I thought it would be great for highlighting or cut creases. When I tested it on my face I found it can be a pretty intense highlight if not blended but when blended it was a lot more sheer, so it was more natural surprisingly to me than some of my other highlights. When I tried it on my eyes I found that with my finger it was supper creamy and pigmented, but again when I tried blending it it went sheer very fast. So that can be seen as both a good and a bad thing, there is no in between either pretty natural or quite bold.

The fourth thing I found was an eyeliner by Color Pop. I have been wanting to try color pop but never have, so I was super excited. The gel eyeliner (automatic crayon eyeliner) I got was a deep navy, which is super fun for a more secret pop, looking a lot like black, without being as insttense as black. It can also make blue eyes pop because it is a blue, but it is less blue than most eyes having so much black in it from being such a dark navy. It smudges easily I felt but that can be a good and bad thing, yeah when it is on your face it can get all over, but once it is on your face it can be smuged out for a smoky or less harsh look. The color was DTLA.

The last thing in my bag this month was a nail polish duo from Meg in Lovey Dovey.  I love the colors, the one was a navy gray slate ish color which excites me and the other was a more sand nude which I was thinking the day before I got my bag I really want a color like that and there it was. I have now used these and like them a lot. They stay very well and pretty opaque. The disappointing thing is, the navy slate color is very similar to the nail polish I received in my ipsy bag the other month.

Over all I felt like this bag was a success, I found a few products that I will be using a bunch! I hope your spring is going great!

-Allie Kat


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