D.I.Y. Photo and Fairy Light Display


Everyone enjoys having pictures in their room, especially if they make you happy. A fun way to display your pictures is with this do it yourself fairy light display. One thing I really like about this specific way to display your pics is you can change, and add to it so easily, you just grab your pic and a clothes pin and pin it up! I also like how it adds brightness and is adorable. It is a fun and easy thing to do to bing light and personalty to your space.

Things You will Need:


-Fairy Lights (I got mine from Amazon, just Amazon Fairy lights and pic what ever one you like)( I recommend picking where you will be hanging this and use a tape measure to find how long you need the lights to be)

-Pics (Printed out) (you can also pin up cards, tickets, any thing you wish)

-Clothes Pins ( I like  the little ones, I brought these mini gold sparkly ones from Marshals) ( you can amazon them, and even decorate your own)

What To Do:

-Line everything up on your wall to see where to nail the nails into the wall. I recommend using a pencil to mark up your wall. It also helps to have someone help you. You can hold up the lights to see how far and even your nails will be, and a level can also be helpful. I just eyeballed it tho.

-Nail your nails in, a trick is to find the studs in your wall, your nails will stay up better because they will be in wood and not just dry wall. You find the studs by knocking on your wall, the less hollow sounding places in your wall is your studs.

-Hang your lights! I like it when their is a little bit of slack in the rope lighting. The corner where the extra lights will go can be tricky, you can nail through the twists in the wire (not through the wire, just the space where the wires are twisted) or use a special little thing that holds two nails. Another idea is to start on the bottom corner and have it hangs there, then nail right by it and lay the other end over it and let it hang down to the outlet.

-Clip your pins on and stick your pics in!

-Your done!!!! Turn the lights on and enjoy!!!

I hope this helped some. I always thought this was such a pintrest thing, and that it would never come out for me, but it actually was not all that hard. But my father did help me a lot… I love looking at this because it has some sweet notes on it, and old and new pictures. I enjoy changing it too so easily as my life changes. I wish you the best of luck!

-Allie Kat