Ipsy April 2017


I got my ipsy bag the other day and was so excited to get into it. The bag is fun, but sadly not something I would use. It is a small ticket shaped bag, so it is a bit cartoon for me, bright red, and also not large enough for my stuff.

The first thing I saw was an Ofra Cosmetics blush, in the color Rendezvous Blush. I would consider this a brown with red undertones, that is mate to satin finish. I think it is great for a natural bronzed look on your cheeks. It is nice and creamy and very bendable. I like to use this to add color to my cheeks without it looking pink or anything, just healthy.

The next thing I pulled out was a toner by Skin & Co, from their truffle therapy line. This toner works lovely, I could not believe how much gunk was still on my face when I used it even after removing my makeup and washing my face! It had no intense scent or burn, but when I looked at my used cotton pad I saw it did something intense. After a few uses I did notice some slight tingling but I don’t think I’d say in a bad way.

I then saw a little container by Hikari Cosmetics. I noticed it said cream pigment in honey dew, I was excited to try it. It is a pink champagne color that is a metallic finish. I thought it would be great for highlighting or cut creases. When I tested it on my face I found it can be a pretty intense highlight if not blended but when blended it was a lot more sheer, so it was more natural surprisingly to me than some of my other highlights. When I tried it on my eyes I found that with my finger it was supper creamy and pigmented, but again when I tried blending it it went sheer very fast. So that can be seen as both a good and a bad thing, there is no in between either pretty natural or quite bold.

The fourth thing I found was an eyeliner by Color Pop. I have been wanting to try color pop but never have, so I was super excited. The gel eyeliner (automatic crayon eyeliner) I got was a deep navy, which is super fun for a more secret pop, looking a lot like black, without being as insttense as black. It can also make blue eyes pop because it is a blue, but it is less blue than most eyes having so much black in it from being such a dark navy. It smudges easily I felt but that can be a good and bad thing, yeah when it is on your face it can get all over, but once it is on your face it can be smuged out for a smoky or less harsh look. The color was DTLA.

The last thing in my bag this month was a nail polish duo from Meg in Lovey Dovey.  I love the colors, the one was a navy gray slate ish color which excites me and the other was a more sand nude which I was thinking the day before I got my bag I really want a color like that and there it was. I have now used these and like them a lot. They stay very well and pretty opaque. The disappointing thing is, the navy slate color is very similar to the nail polish I received in my ipsy bag the other month.

Over all I felt like this bag was a success, I found a few products that I will be using a bunch! I hope your spring is going great!

-Allie Kat


Ipsy October 2016

This month in ipsy was pretty good for me, it was about 50-50 when it came to stuff I was excited about and like and then stuff I did not care for. The bag is very festive this month, it is like sketches of halloween characters that are done very cute.


The nail polish I received has a very cool color. It is perfect for the cooler months and reminds me of oil slick color which is pretty in right now. I have yet to try it but I am very excited. I love how it changes in the light. The color is Grand Central by the brand Adesse New York.

I also received a face mask, by pur. I was very excited for this mask because I love masks and this one was a mud mask, my favorite type. I was so disappointed when I went to try it because it was so sticky I could not rub it around. If you were to buy it ,the tube would be used up very fast because a little goes no where with this mask, for me, I could try adding warm water but I felt like it should have moved more than it did on my face even without warm water.

I also received a little lipstick by treStique in the color Belize Bordeaux. It is a very pretty color, slightly sheer, but nice anyway. My mother got very excited when she saw it and I know I would not wear that color so I let her have it. I have not even touch the product so, I cannot say anything except it was pretty when my mom tried it on.

I am a fan of the balm so when I saw this mini Cabana Boy blush I was already excited. The blush is really pretty and the packaging is cute, it’s supper tiny so good for travel but so small it’s hard to get product on my blush brush. The color is a nice deep cool pink. I wish it was easier to use because the balm and their blushes are normally nice, but it’s hard to use with this sample packaging.

The last thing I got was a black felt tip eye liner. It’s a nice easy to use black one by ciate. I’ve used it a lot and it’s great, but it is not waterproof, something I’m not always used to.I like my eyeliners to be waterproof because I sometimes rub my eyes a little and I cry at almost anything, but other than that small complaint it’s overall a good product, I would not say anything special though.

This bag had its perks and its downfalls, but it wasn’t an awful bag. I would use almost all the products again if not often. I am still excited to try that cool polish but I just haven’t done it yet. October has been a busy month and I know it will continue to be. I hope you all have a great fall and happy and safe Halloween .

-Allie Kat



Ipsy August 2016

FullSizeRender 2

This month was pretty good I’d have to say. The bag is pretty darn cute to start with. I like how it came with two options so everyone with an ipsy bag this month doesn’t have the exact same bag. The girl reminds me of a mermaid makeup princess. She has mermaid like hair and a makeup crown and it is all very pretty colors and dainty. The first thing I got was a mask, which excites me because I love masks. This one is for all skin types and is a dead sea mask. Because it is not just for oily skin or dry skin I’m not sure what it does, but I guess it adds minerals to your skin. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m super excited. I appreciate the packaging too, it will fit anywhere because it’s soft and moldable, but it’s not a foil that can’t be resealed. The next thing I got was a brighting peel gel. I am scared to use this right now, but sorta excited. I’m guessing it is like an at home facial peel, sorta like an exfoliant where you get rid of the top layer of dead skin cells and dirt. I need to research this more before I use it though. The rest of my bag was makeup and not skin care. I got a liquid highlight from NYX in the shade gleam. It can be used many ways, such as mixed in with foundation or how I like just as a liquid highlight on the high points of my face. It is a nice warm pink color and makes a great base for highlights or it is great on its own. The next thing I received was an eye trio, from jelly pong pong, in the color Neapolitan. It is the colors of neapolitan ice cream in the correct order. The “vanilla” shade is nice and warm and gold and such a pretty highlight for the face. The other two colors are pretty all over the lid, it is good for traveling because it is smaller than pocket size and gives you two eye colors and a highlight color in my case at least. I love how it is cruelty free as well and the packaging is supper cute with a little sketch of pairs. The last product is a Lord and Berry maxi matte crayon lipstick. I received the color Intimacy, a nice pinky berry tone. It is supper creamy which is important and the first thing I check for in a pencil, because I don’t like stabbing myself with something sharp to get a little color, it is not worth it to me, so this product passes that test. I haven’t worn it yet so I’m not sure how drying or long lasting it is, but I will have to see. I would say this is a pretty good bag.


FullSizeRender copy

-Allie Kat

Ipsy July 2016

This month was not too bad, I have had better bags, but I have had worse. The bag its self was ok, it looked a bit used when I got it even though it was brand new, so I didn’t love that. The products this month were mostly confusing to me.

The first thing I got was the Too Face Hangover face primer. This is my third mini tube of it and I really like it. It smells slightly coconutty to me and I like that, it feels good on my skin, and does its job. So no complaints except it is not something new and fun, but at least it was one of the products I like and know how to use well for me.

The second thing I got was a skin spray. It says it works on other things, not just the face, but I don’t have any use for it except on my face. I love sprays, especially in the summer. I cannot tell if this spray helps my makeup stay on or come off tho. Too play it safe I use it in the morning before my appearance even comes to mind. My morning routine starts off with do what I have to to get out of bed, use the bathroom, eat, and then do the rest of the magic. I like to spend my first few minutes awake eating and relaxing a bit. Also the last thing I do is get dressed, I can be pretty messy, so to keep from changing my clothes in the morning more than once I change last after my teeth are brushed, my food is eaten, and my makeup is on. But back to the spray. When I wake up sometimes I feel greasy, so to start off fresh I spray this on to wake myself up and cut any grease.

I also got an angled eye brush. It’s pink, itty bitty, and pretty standard. Not much to hate.

I also got this moisturizing cream stuff. It is in another language and I still cannot figure it out, so I haven’t used it or really touched it.

And the last thing I got was this eyeshadow. My mother thought it was a blush, but that’s ok, maybe I’ll try it as a blush one day. I got the color plum, it is not all that purply to me, it’s more pinky. It’s a metallic eyeshadow, which isn’t my favorite, but I like this one well enough.


-Allie Kat



Ipsy June 2016

This month my ipsy bag was pretty good, the bag my goodies came in was not my fave but the products were really good. The bag was graffiti which is not really my style, but the products were great overall.FullSizeRender

The first thing I got was a blush by Elizabeth Mott, the color is peach pink, it is a really pretty pinky peach color with golden shimmer in it. It adds a nice healthy glow and color to your fcae when you wear it, and it is not overpowering. The next thing I got was a brush from Royal & Langnickel MODA. It is double ended which is great for traveling and saving space. It’s a nice pretty blue and one end is sorta fluffy and great for the crease and the other end is a flat shader smudge like brush. It is not long enough to use to apply color to the lid, but it is good for a soft under the eye smudge and maybe even a inner corner or brow bone highlight. This Crease/Smudge brush is great for so many reasons, it is sorta small so that can be nice for traveling and both ends are easy to use. Another thing I got this month was an eyeshadow by the Balm. It was a sample from their new Matte eyeshadow palette. The color I got was Matt Moskowitz, a deep purple plum color. In the picture it looks sorta brown, but in real life it is not that brown. I already have a color in my collection that looks like this so I wasn’t thrilled about getting this, but it is a nice color and is wearable. I also got a highlighter from Jouer, in the color Tiare. It is a golden champagne color that is super pretty. I’m not sure how I feel about this product yet, I have a highlight that I really like that I have been using and this one for some reason is hard to apply. I can swatch it on my hand but it’s so creamy or something that a brush has difficulty picking it up and my finger makes it either too intense or not intense enough for my liking. The last thing I got was an everything balm. I was confused but intrigued when I first saw this product, I haven’t really gotten a chance to use it, but I’m not mad at it. It claims to moisturize skin, keep eyebrows in place, repair cuticles, seal split ends, brighten dark circles and more. Like I said I haven’t really tried it out much, but it is nice for moisturizing, as has what I used it for so far.


FullSizeRender 2 copy

-Allie Kat

ipsy January 2016

FullSizeRenderThis month’s ipsy did not overwhelm me, but I was not disappointed. I got a face lotion which one of my family members stole, a concealer, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and eye cream. The bag was not my favorite but it did grow on me a bit.

-Hey Honey eye cream- it is ok, nothing special, but my skin does like honey so I am exited.

-Mr. Write eyeliner in Jac- it is a brown gold, it did not show up on my waterline, but I did a smudgy eyeliner look and loved it.

-Blinkle Shimmer Eye Shadow in Tangerine Light- it comes out orange-ish and is really pretty, it can make any eyeshadow look sunsetty.

-treStique- I like this concealer for the most part, I got the color Bisque. It is a bit too dark for me, but I can still work with it. It has great coverage, but is not creamy enough for under my eyes because it pulls too much on the delicate skin.

This was an ok bag, I like the products for the most part, but they were nothing fabulous.

-Allie kat

ipsy December 2015

This was a pretty good month for ipsy, not it’s best, but not its worst. The bag was ok, not my favorite, not my least favorite. It reminded me of an old school change purse.  It was an odd shape and not very big, but it was fairly wide. I just found it sorta weird.


– Elizabeth Mott’s eyeshadow primer was pretty good, I like it for traveling because it works nice and is smaller then my urban decay primer potion.

-the Pacifica lip color is in tender heart, an orange nude color,that’s matte. I love the idea of Pacifica with how it helps the world in all sorts of ways, but this lip product is a bit drying, but I’m still going to wear it.

– model co lip liner, in no one knows (because it had no name on it…). It’s a similar color to the other lip product, but a bit more pink. I haven’t really tried it out, as I have been at my grandparents house for the holidays, and I forgot to grab it. Also most days are spent by the pool with no makeup, as it is warmer where they live, and this winter has been very warm.

-ardel eyelashes, in 120- I keep wanting to try eyelashes, but never have anywhere to wear them, as I live in a laid back area, where no one dresses up, and mostly because, I’m scared they are going to fall off, the other reason is honestly an excuse.

-Marc Anthony conditioner, it’s coconut scented and a great size for me to bring to my grandparents house! I have been enjoying this as it smells nice and makes my hair feel good, even though I wouldn’t run out and buy it specially.

this bag wasn’t my favorite, but I am so happy I didn’t get anymore lotions.


-Allie kat

ipsy September 2015

I always look forward to my lipsy bags, but this month I was pretty disappointed. The bag was ok, but I couldn’t quite get past the fact that it reminded me of something my Great Grandma would pick out. And the worst part for me was that I had received TWO lotions, I don’t even use lotion all that much!

IMG_0890 2

  • The first thing I pulled out was the nail polish by X factor. It was ok, I don’t know how the quality of this band is so I will have to try it. But I can’t try it till later because the color is ignite, a dark cherry, and I’m not that ready for fall. So this was an underwhelming find for me.
  • The next thing I pulled out was the first lotion of the bag. When I found this I was exited actually. It was cute, by the brand Not soap, supposed to help with emotional and well being, and smelled of coconut and vanilla, two of my favorite scents! It is a good size for my purse or backpack, so I’m glad I got a lotion I will actually use. I normally hate when I receive lotion in my ipsy because I don’t use lotion that much and it normally smells funny, so this was a pleasant surprise.
  • After the first lotion I pulled out a second lotion. It was by the brand first aid beauty, the brand name exited me, and I even thought it was a facemark at first so I was supper exited. When I saw it was a boring lotion I was supper disappointed, especially when I found out it smelled like boring straight up lotion.
  • The next thing I pulled out was makeup, which exited me, I recognized the packaging from an item I received before, but it was a lip crayon instead of an eye crayon this time. By the brand tre’stique and in the color nantucket nude, I was feeling pretty exited, then I applied it to my lips. Because the weather is changing my lips are not the smoothest, not awful, but still chapped, this lip product made them look awful, and the worst part is the color didn’t even look good against my skin when I put it on and I even tried to ignore the peely look. I am still depressed over this.
  • Finally the last product, time to cross my fingers, thankfully NYX kept my spirits up with a fab little trio. It’s just for ipsy (I think they made a few different trios for glam bag subscribers so this one is the 01 one) It starts out with a shimmery golden champagne color, which I enjoy and will use, then a golden brown shimmer, and finally a matte black. I was so exited and was not disappointed this time, I have been looking for a matte black that I can throw in for traveling, and this works for me. I used it today to set my waterline and loved it, it stayed all day and was definitely black. This trio was the rockstar of this month’s bag.

IMG_0891 2

here are the swatches for this month, the trio and the lip color

-Allie Kat

ipsy August 2015/ haul from this month



-Ultra Mild Face Wash- I haven’t even opened it, I have a face wash I like to use, so I just always use that one.

-Doll 10 Beauty cream blush in Flirt- I like this a lot, it gives a nice natural look and is fairly easy to use, I normally like powder blushes more as I can dust on just a hint, but this is still a good one.

-Hikari Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Merlot- It’s pretty good, I like the color, but I can’t use it for everyday. It will be used a lot more in the winter and fall for dinners out and things of that sort.

-Skinn Cosmetics Eyeliner in Navy Seal- It’s a super soft eyeliner in a neat color (a dark grey blue) and it claims it is waterproof. I like it enough, I am just not sure how I feel about it as it’s not something I will be using all that often as of now.

-Briogeo Volumizer Blow Dry Spray- I again can’t speak on high opinions of this product. It smells like dish soap to me a lot and I can’t quite get past that. Dish soap isn’t the worst thing something could smell like, but I don’t really want to be the one that smells of it, personally.

Drugstore shopping:

-Maybelline Cat Eyes Colossal Waterproof Black- I needed a new waterproof mascara and this one seemed to cover a lot of things I wanted. I like waterproof mascara because it holds a curl better and normally stays longer. I really like the original colossal mascara, so I thought a different version of it would be a good idea. Also my eyelashes are super straight so the curved brush is helpful in adding more lift. The brush isn’t as fluffy as I normally like, but I figured that was ok because I can have a little layer of Waterproof that will be harder to remove but hold my curl, then I can load up on a washable formula for extra volume.

-Maybelline Color Tattoos in Tough as Taupe and Bad to the Bronze- So far I have been enjoying these two products, the only thing that bothered me is the taupe color is super duper grey, I was expecting a bit of brown. I still can and do use the color tho. On the bright side it can be a good thing as it makes me try something I don’t normally go for ( a grey lid color).

-Nicole by OPI in Did he Wink at Me- I love OPI nail polish and this color was super cute to me so I figured I would try it, but I haven’t done so quite yet.

Grandma Hand-me-downs:

Honestly I’m not 100% sure what I got. I got a fun cream blush in the color Polished Pecan from somewhere, not quite sure where tho. I also got a Clinique quad with the colors: morning java, blushed, hazy, and jammin’. The other quad I got from Clinique consists of the pink slate duo, the bronzer sun kissed, and the blush new clover. On the website I couldn’t find any of these quads, but I did find a few of the shades separately, but again I’m not sure if they are the same exact shades.

-Allie kat