Bag of Necessities

I have this little bag, and I keep everything I need for day to day life. I just throw this pouch into what ever bag I need for the day. It stays in my backpack during school then I put it in my purse, or beach bag, anything. I find this pouch really easy because I’m always switching bags, and instead of moving everything and searching for it, I know exactly where it is.

-The Pouch- This is a bag I got for christmas, I though it was cute and the perfect size, I am not sure where it came from, but one side says naughty and the other nice.

FullSizeRender 4

-Compact- A mirror is useful in a lot of situations. If you are outside and need to see yourself, a phone won’t do because of how bright out it is,  also in school you can’t have your phone out. This one is from Forever 21.FullSizeRender 7

-Mints- I do not like gum, the texture grosses me out, but I do like mints and fresh breath. This is Ice Breakers in spearmint, they are not too intense and I like that.FullSizeRender 5

-Blotting Sheets- I get oily, and it makes pictures come out not as nice, and can just be uncomfortable though out the day, so I keep these with me, they are just some random ones I picked up from 5 Below. I really like powder for hiding shine, but I find theses sheets take up less room.

FullSizeRender 3

-Medicine-  I get chronic headaches a lot, and I know at the end of a ruff school day some of my friends need help with headaches, so I keep excedrin, it is the only medicine that gets rid of my headaches. Also as a girl Advil helps with crams, and it is always nice to be able to help out my friends too. I keep it all in this cute jewelry bag, which for some reason all my friends find funny, but I like it.


-Makeup- touch ups need to happen sometimes. Sometimes tears happen and cleaning up needs to be done, other days surprises happen and makeup is needed, say pictures, pimples, dinners, ect. Having the necessities of makeup can really come in handy. I keep my older eyebrow gel, a cream stick of blush, extra concealer, a mini liner, mascara, and lip gloss, a cream eyeshadow that is champagne for brighting, and an eyelash curler.

FullSizeRender 2


-Electronic Necessities- a charger is handy for obvious reasons, and same with headphones. I have the part that goes into my car in the car, and a charging bullet at home that I bring for trips, but I feel like those things don’t need to be lugged around all the time.

FullSizeRender 6

I find all of these goodies great to have on hand, because you never really know hen you will need it, and you will be happy you have it at some point or another. I switch purses and bags all of the time, so it helps a lot to have these things all in one place where it can be kept wherever I need at any moment.

-Allie Kat


Winter Weekend Staples

In the winter you don’t  have to worry as much about sweating off makeup, so you can have some fun, also rich tones are ready to be brought out. It’s such a great time for makeup lovers! Family, and weekend getaways become important, so here is what I brought, and will be brining on family weekends!


-Eyebrow Gel- I love the Maybelline one. I really like it in soft brown, but they were out when I ran to get some more, so I just got the clear one.

-My loose powder- It sets everything, and gives me some coverage with out being too much, plus spf.

-Blush Sublte In Shimer Mocha Havana- A warm red brown shimmery blush, a perfect easy blush to add that healthy flush.

-Too faced Matte palette- I love this palette because it’s small, travel friendly, has nice neutral colors, and is everything needed for a weekend.

-Kat VonDe Liquid Eyelier in Trooper- this felt tip eyeliner makes it easy to dress anything up, just add that little flick.

-Hoola Bronzer- this Matt bronzer adds shape, definition, and depth to the face.

-maybelline concealer- this covers any imperfections, isn’t too expensive, and gets the job done.

-urban decay primer potion- this primer works so well, it keeps my eyeshadow in place and helps the colors appear more vibrant.

– maybelline colossal cat eye mascara- I have straight eyelashes, so chrling them and then using a curved wand with a waterproof foul helps a lot with lift. I like how this wand separates, lengthens and lifts my eyelashes.

– loreal Paris balm in plush plum- this lipstick is lightweight, has spf, and is nourishing. The color gives that berry plum look which is perfect for the fall and winter months.


I love over all these products and find that they complete any simple look for weekends with the family, because your family isn’t there to judge your makeup, they are there for love and enjoying each other’s company. Remember to have fun and love this season!

-Allie Kat


3 Hair Styles for School

I really like hair styles for school that are quick, effective, and help me control any hair that would want to fall into my face. So here are three hairdos that you can do for school, or just any time.

-The Man Bun- this is a great hair style when you just have too much hair to deal with, your hair looks nasty, you want your hair out of your face, and you want it down at the same time. It is a newer/modern hairstyle that a lot of people are doing now, this is how I do it.


Step 1: Section hair, I take the end of my eyebrows and go straight back to make a part. Then I smooth out everything so it looks nice.

FullSizeRender 5

Step 2: Twist hair into a bun. I like to do this by twisting my hair into a coil with one hand and then controlling it with the other, I like to make sure its flat and big on my head and not sticking straight out in a tiny coil, if that makes sense. Then I just secure it. I really like these spin pins from Goody, they are one of my holy grails. Only one is needed for this hairstyle, but of course bobby pins and even a hair tie could be used instead for this.

FullSizeRender 4

Step 3: Finally make sure every thing is looking how you like and everything is secure. You can add hairspray if you want, but it is not necessary. Now you are ready to rock your man bun as a confident woman!

   FullSizeRender 3IMG_0736

-The Classic Braided 1/2 Updo- this is similar to the man bun in what it does, but it is daintier, more fairy like (Romeo and Juliet anyone… no?) and less “modern”. Let’s just say it is classic.


Step 1: Section your hair the same way as the “Man Bun”.

Step 2: Take the upper hair section at the same spot as we made the “Man Bun” and section it into three, then start braiding.

Step 3: Tie it off, massage the braid if you want to make it more relaxed, and if you want to get fancy add a cute accessory to the hair tie area. You can use anything you want like a bow, flowers (you could even put flowers through the braid), or any hair hardware, what I used was a metal bow on a hair tie from HnM. Add hairspray if you wish and you are ready for the world.

– The “Poof Braid Hawk Pony”- crazy name right? Well, I just made it up because I have no idea what to call this Hairstyle. It is a braid that adds detail in a mohawk area and helps add volume to the front with a little poof all in one wearable ponytail.

FullSizeRender 7

Step 1: Take the front section of your hair (I use my eyebrow arches and go straight back for this one) and get it under control.


Step 2: Braid the section normal and then add something to the bottom to hold the braid together while we finish up, you can even take a second and use the braid as a temporary mustache, which is what I’m thinking about in the picture below (lol).

FullSizeRender 6

Step3: Smooth everything into the ponytail style of your choice (high, low, in the middle, whatever you like) and tie it off. I like to Pull out some little whispies around my face to frame everything and make it softer. The next thing I do is poof the front section of the braid to make it into an even poof of my desired height. Something I forgot to do in the pictures, but is a good idea is to take a little section of hair from underneath and wrap it around the hair tie to hide it, or you can add a fun accent to the hair tie. This is a fun hairstyle, so have fun with it, oh and add some hairspray if u wish, it can be helpful with flyaways.

FullSizeRender 8

Have fun with these hairstyles and if you are going to school, I wish you a good school year, and if not, I wish you a good rest of 2015

-Allie Kat

Fun School Supplies

Few things can actually get people exited for school if they dread it, one of those things is fun school supplies. Here are some of my favorite school supplies for this upcoming school year!

This is my pencil case, I got it last year from the makeup bag section at Walmart. I thought it was cute and big enough to fit whatever I need, I love this bag.


The next thing I have is a pink sparkly pen/stylist from last year at 5 Below. I like it because when we use iPads at school I can use the stylist and then switch right to paper without having to go back into my pencil case. Not to mention it’s cute!


This year I got a new planner from staples. It’s a purple polka dot style with cute messages at the beginning of each month. I like it because it’s not too big, and not too small. When I get a planner for school I like to make sure I have enough room to write down all my homework under the day it is.


I like to decorate my notes and planner, and just make everything pretty and colorful, so colored pens are a must. These are the flair pens that are everyone’s favorite.


I like to have a folder to keep everything in, like papers from the school and homework. I saw this folder at Walmart this year and I knew it was the one.


This last thing was so cute I could not pass it up. It isn’t something we completely need, but it is nice to have. I just always have had a thing for sticky notes and nautical themes, so this was just something I needed to have.


I know we have almost a month left of summer, and believe me, I’m not trying to rush it, but all these school supplies just made me so happy! Have a great rest of summer!

-Allie Kat

Amusement Park Beauty

Summer is getting close to over, and everyone is trying to get their summer bucket list checked off. One thing on a lot of summer bucket lists is the amusement park, since the weather is so nice. You don’t have to wear makeup to the amusement park, but if you want to, here are some of the things I love to use to look and feel fab at the park.

Deodorant– no one wants to be stinky, I like this one because it’s gel, so if I wear dark colors it doesn’t leave white marks and it seems to work better for me. This one smells like coconut which is one of my favorite summer sects.


-Primmer stuff-I like to use something under my make up like a primer, that controls shine and has spf in it. I got this in my ipsy bag a few months ago that I like to use, it’s not actually a primer, but it does help keep you matte, stay moisturized, and contains spf.


-Blotting Sheets– Also to keep from shinning I like to keep blotting sheets with me, I know the clean and clear ones are popular, but I just have these random ones I picked up from Five Below one day and they work just fine.

FullSizeRender copy

– Matte Powder- My last weapon against shine is the cult favorite, Rimmel Stay Matte powder, mine is so beat up. The only really disappointing thing is that it has no spf in it, so you really need to make sure you still have some on.

IMG_7727 IMG_7726

-Face Sunscreen– Speaking of spf, my favorite product to protect from the sun is this stuff called Brush on Block. It’s sunscreen in the form of a powder that you can just brush onto your face. It actually makes you feel less greasy, because the powder soaks some grease up. You can find it on amazon, but I will warn you it’s a bit pricey but I think it’s still  worth it.

FullSizeRender copy 2

-Lip Sunscreen– My last tip with spf is not to forget your lips. When you are outside all day at the amusement park you really don’t want to burn anything, especially your lips, they really hurt. I like this chapstick that smells and tastes so good and has so much spf in it from Havana Tropic.


-Sweat-proof Cheek Products– Using a lot of powder isn’t always the best idea when you are going to be outside sweating all day, thats why I like these stick and tint blushes. Just put a little on for a fresh look and blend!

IMG_7717 IMG_7715

– Pop of Lip– Another tip to keep your makeup fun and melt proof is using a fun lip color that you can easily apply throughout the day if needed. It adds some color to everything and is easy to maintain through out the day!

IMG_7730IMG_7709 IMG_7728

– Eye Stuff– You can also add some pop with some waterproof eyeliner in a fun color or a cream eyeshadow, these are both sweat proof and easy to use.

IMG_7724 IMG_7725

-Waterproof Mascara– I normally use waterproof mascara anyway because it holds my curl better, but it’s even more important when you go to the amusement park because you will be sweating and their may even be tears, you never know, some rides are super scary 😉 I have been really liking this one, it’s the Revlon, lash potion in waterproof.


-Allie Kat