Thanksgiving Fall Eye Looks

Thanksgiving is approaching, and I am pumped. It is my favorite holiday, a day to be grateful, surrounded by those you love, and being able to eat good food all day. It is also fall, cuddle season, layering clothing season, and darker bolder makeup season. I came up with four looks perfect for this time of year, they are also great for making eye colors pop depending on the look and your eye color.





This first look is a matte cranberry wine look. Everything is supper blended and warm. I started with a base as normal, you know eyeshadow primer and then a matte cream from lash line to brow bone. Then for number 1 I used Salted Caramel, a light warm mid tone brown orange,  from Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette as a transition color, I really brought it high above my crease.  For number 2 I used Cherry Cordial, a wine color from Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette with a fluffy pointed brush to lightly blend it carefully into my outer crease and v building up slowly. I finished with some mascara and was ready to go.



The next look I did was a purple plum graphic one. I started with the same base and added tape to the corner of my eye. I started with number 1, a light purple color, I used a purple from a Pixi duo called Lavender Bloom. I applied it to the inner 2/3s of my lid. Then I took Risqué from my Too Faced Natural Matte Eyes Palette and Hustle from Urban Decay and blended them into the outer third of my eye. They are both deeper to mid toned purple colors, you don’t have to use two colors or even these two purples, honestly I was gonna use one, but couldn’t pick which one. I then for number three used a Nars duo in Demon Lover, the deep matte purple color. I took it on a angled brush and lined my eyes using the tape to get it sharp and dark. I then dragged it from the  wind into the crease, I blended it a bit with a pencil brush to keep it very concerted and to a small amount. Then of course finished with mascara.


This golden look is so easy and looks very nice. All I did was apply Maybelline Tatoo Cream Eyeshadow in Bad to the Bronze on to my lid and blend it up past my crease with my finger. Then I took a gold eyeshadow, Caramel  from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Semi Sweet, and set and blended it all out. I added a tad bit of eyeliner to the outer corner just for a bit more definition. Then I added mascara and continued on with my day.


This last eye is supper pretty and warm, I used the halo technique to switch it up. I used the same base technique as the first two looks (number three was the color extra creamy for this look). I used my Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette for a lot of this look.  I started with Nuts About You on a pointed blending brush. I packed it into the corners using the brush than blended though the crease to connect them (number 1). Then I took Peanut Butter on a fluffy brush and just blended it all out again (number 4) . I then used my Too Faced Natural Matte Palette in the shade Honey Butter right in the center of my lid (number 2). I then intensified number one so it did not get lost and blended the edged between number one and two to get rid of harsh lines. Then of course the mascara.


I hope you enjoyed these looks, I am loving them all for fall. I think some would really make some eye colors pop. Even if you are not celebrating Thanksgiving I hope you still enjoyed these looks for fall.

-Allie Kat


Winter Weekend Staples

In the winter you don’t  have to worry as much about sweating off makeup, so you can have some fun, also rich tones are ready to be brought out. It’s such a great time for makeup lovers! Family, and weekend getaways become important, so here is what I brought, and will be brining on family weekends!


-Eyebrow Gel- I love the Maybelline one. I really like it in soft brown, but they were out when I ran to get some more, so I just got the clear one.

-My loose powder- It sets everything, and gives me some coverage with out being too much, plus spf.

-Blush Sublte In Shimer Mocha Havana- A warm red brown shimmery blush, a perfect easy blush to add that healthy flush.

-Too faced Matte palette- I love this palette because it’s small, travel friendly, has nice neutral colors, and is everything needed for a weekend.

-Kat VonDe Liquid Eyelier in Trooper- this felt tip eyeliner makes it easy to dress anything up, just add that little flick.

-Hoola Bronzer- this Matt bronzer adds shape, definition, and depth to the face.

-maybelline concealer- this covers any imperfections, isn’t too expensive, and gets the job done.

-urban decay primer potion- this primer works so well, it keeps my eyeshadow in place and helps the colors appear more vibrant.

– maybelline colossal cat eye mascara- I have straight eyelashes, so chrling them and then using a curved wand with a waterproof foul helps a lot with lift. I like how this wand separates, lengthens and lifts my eyelashes.

– loreal Paris balm in plush plum- this lipstick is lightweight, has spf, and is nourishing. The color gives that berry plum look which is perfect for the fall and winter months.


I love over all these products and find that they complete any simple look for weekends with the family, because your family isn’t there to judge your makeup, they are there for love and enjoying each other’s company. Remember to have fun and love this season!

-Allie Kat


Fall/ Thanksgiving/ Nude Dude The Balm Eye Look

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I feel bad for all the other countries because they don’t get to celebrate it. It’s a day spent with family, friends, who ever, just eating and appreciating things. Then if you want that night/ early the next morning you can run out and join in on the crazy Black Friday deals. I also enjoy eating those foods that I don’t get all the time. I only eat turkey during thanksgiving, and I see my one family member who makes homemade Bread, YUM!!! Another great part of Thanksgiving is the fall fashion! The sweaters, boots, scarfs, they all are fun to wear to a fall occasion, just be sure you pants will be able to fit after the meal ; )

This eye look is pretty for anytime with the golden and copper colors. I used my Nude Dude by the Balm palette, it has similar colors to the Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay. I thought this would be lovely for just any fall day as well.



Step 1- Apply Faithful, a golden color, into the inner corner/ half of the eyelid.

Step 2- Apply Fit, a copper gold, to the rest of the lid, blend it into Faithful.

Step 3- Use Feisty, a matte warm pink brown, lightly to bend out into the crease.

Step 4- Use a pencil brush and apply Funny into the outer crease. blend, and repeat, keep going in till it looks how you love. Also use it to make the outer v look nice and deep. Drag it under onto the lower lash line to even the eye out.

Step 5- Highlight the brown bone with Fearless, a matte cream.

Step 6- Line your eye with Fierce, an almost black color with some sparkle.

Step 7-Finish off how you like, curl or just apply mascara to your eyelashes.

Step 8- Rock your look! Wear it anywhere and any time!


Enjoy! I hope you liked this look, I think its so pretty and good to wear this time of year. Happy Thanksgiving, and happy fall!

-Allie Kat

Subtle Blue Eyes

I wanted to try a blue eye color, but in a supper subtle way, not as a pop of color. So I went for it! FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender

I started with Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original. This is my favorite eye primer, it keeps everything in place all day.

The next thing I did was apply Virgin from Urban Decay to my lid. Virgin is a whitish color with a hint of sheen, it is not matte.

I took the color Naked from Urban Decay and Blended it into my crease as a transition color and a bit of a crease color.

I moved on to the BLUE, YAY! I used a navy color from the Balm’s Meet Matt Nude palette on a fluffy brush to lightly work it into the outer crease area and a bit of the outer corner. I lightly applied it building till I was happy, I focused on putting it into the crease and blending outward.

I wanted to blend a bit more and add something fun to it, so I added the blue color from the Clinique quad from my haul ever so lightly. The color is a aqua sheen color that may or may not be called “Jammin”.

I adde a navy eyeliner to finish off the blue look and curled and coated my eyelashes with some mascara.

I feel like this is a very wearable and subtle way to work a color into an everyday eye look. This look reminds me of winter and snow a little bit and could be fun to wear when all that comes up!

-Allie Kat

Amusement Park Beauty

Summer is getting close to over, and everyone is trying to get their summer bucket list checked off. One thing on a lot of summer bucket lists is the amusement park, since the weather is so nice. You don’t have to wear makeup to the amusement park, but if you want to, here are some of the things I love to use to look and feel fab at the park.

Deodorant– no one wants to be stinky, I like this one because it’s gel, so if I wear dark colors it doesn’t leave white marks and it seems to work better for me. This one smells like coconut which is one of my favorite summer sects.


-Primmer stuff-I like to use something under my make up like a primer, that controls shine and has spf in it. I got this in my ipsy bag a few months ago that I like to use, it’s not actually a primer, but it does help keep you matte, stay moisturized, and contains spf.


-Blotting Sheets– Also to keep from shinning I like to keep blotting sheets with me, I know the clean and clear ones are popular, but I just have these random ones I picked up from Five Below one day and they work just fine.

FullSizeRender copy

– Matte Powder- My last weapon against shine is the cult favorite, Rimmel Stay Matte powder, mine is so beat up. The only really disappointing thing is that it has no spf in it, so you really need to make sure you still have some on.

IMG_7727 IMG_7726

-Face Sunscreen– Speaking of spf, my favorite product to protect from the sun is this stuff called Brush on Block. It’s sunscreen in the form of a powder that you can just brush onto your face. It actually makes you feel less greasy, because the powder soaks some grease up. You can find it on amazon, but I will warn you it’s a bit pricey but I think it’s still  worth it.

FullSizeRender copy 2

-Lip Sunscreen– My last tip with spf is not to forget your lips. When you are outside all day at the amusement park you really don’t want to burn anything, especially your lips, they really hurt. I like this chapstick that smells and tastes so good and has so much spf in it from Havana Tropic.


-Sweat-proof Cheek Products– Using a lot of powder isn’t always the best idea when you are going to be outside sweating all day, thats why I like these stick and tint blushes. Just put a little on for a fresh look and blend!

IMG_7717 IMG_7715

– Pop of Lip– Another tip to keep your makeup fun and melt proof is using a fun lip color that you can easily apply throughout the day if needed. It adds some color to everything and is easy to maintain through out the day!

IMG_7730IMG_7709 IMG_7728

– Eye Stuff– You can also add some pop with some waterproof eyeliner in a fun color or a cream eyeshadow, these are both sweat proof and easy to use.

IMG_7724 IMG_7725

-Waterproof Mascara– I normally use waterproof mascara anyway because it holds my curl better, but it’s even more important when you go to the amusement park because you will be sweating and their may even be tears, you never know, some rides are super scary 😉 I have been really liking this one, it’s the Revlon, lash potion in waterproof.


-Allie Kat

Work Beauty

When I go to work at the doughnut shop I like to go for a natural, put together, sweat proof (at least a little) look.


Make Up:

-I start with a concealer. I use it to cover up spots, redness, and dark circles. I use my fingers to blend in under my eyes and the real techniques buffing brush for the rest. The concealer I have been using is the Maybelline fit me concealer in sand.

– I then go into powder. I use the Jane Iredale amazing base loose powder in radiant. I use the same brush and buff it everywhere, setting the concealer, adding coverage, and protecting my skin because it has spf in it. I always make sure to blend into my neck, I don’t want my face to look like a mask!

– Next I add some color, life, and dimension back into my face. I use my benefit hoola bronzer with my real techniques contour brush. I add this into my temples, cheek hollows, jaw bones, and down my neck. I don’t use blush or highlight for work most of the time because when I am hot and running around my face flushes and a natural “glow” happens (if you know what I mean).

– Now I want to clean up my eyebrows. I use the brow drama in soft brown by Maybelline. I like the soft bit of color and how well it hold my brows in place. I find that it keeps my brows in place all day.

– I move onto my actual eyes now. I line my tight line with a waterproof black crayon eyeliner. I like how it add the little bit of ump.

– To finish off the eyes I curl my eyelashes, as mine are very straight, then add some waterproof mascara.

– And now to finish off the entire look I add some lip gloss or lip balm (maybe with a pigment).

-Allie Kat