Urban Decay Naked VS Lorac Pro

My younger sister pointed out to me that the battle between the 1st, of both the Lorac pro and Urban Decay Naked palette, is a popular one. A lot of people want some incite on which palette they would like to purchase, as they are both more on the expensive side. She also pointed out that most of the videos and blogs about the choice end with “well, they are both great and  it really comes down to what you like better”. The thing is, what we still don’t know is which pallet the person liked better! So I decided to make a post about these two popular palettes, what I like don’t and do like, the differences, and most importantly which I like better and recommend.



-Lorac- It is like a less luxurious Nars packaging, to start off with. It has that similar rubbery material on the outside. I find it pretty sleek, but it does get smudgy. Per the inside, the mirror is bigger than the Naked, and the 16 pots are square. Finally I would like to point out it is wider than the Naked one by a smidge, but it is thinner by quite a bit.

-Urban Decay- It is a warm lux packaging with the velvet and gold, but the velvet picks up fuzzies and the gold falls off. It has 12 eyeshadows in rectangular pots. And both pallets are magnetic clip.


I find these colors are very metallic. There are only two matte colors, one glitter, and maybe one or a few silk finishes. I am one of the very few people who do not find themselves reaching for this palette more than any of my other ones.This palette seems to be great for darker or more dramatic looks and less for everyday to me. I have some colors I do adore from here tho. My top two, holy grails from it are Naked and Sidecar. Naked is the lighter brown matte. I find it perfect for a transition color, a slight darkening of the crease, or just a wash of color for the lid, it does anything! Sidecar is the only glitter in the palette, and I find people complaining about it sometimes for its fall out, but I love this color. It has so many components and is so neat, and pretty to wear. I like to take this and wear it all over my lid, then blend it out, I find it to be so interesting it doesn’t need any help. It is a taupe that can reflect some gold too, and the sparkles are a nice touch. I enjoy Smog and Darkhorse, maybe Buck and toasted, then Virgin. The other colors I don’t like as much. Another thing I have to say, a lot of people like Half-Baked, it is even in the 2nd edition, but it reminds me too much of gold leaf when it’s on.


This palette is split in two. The top is all matte ( the white is has some slight reflectance) and the bottom is any thing else. Champagne is the only glitter one in this pallet, and it is very similar to the color next to it, nude. I love this palette so much and I even have a messed up one ( the color black and espresso are switched in mine). If I am traveling for like a week, I will bring this pallet because it has so much variety, I can do simple looks, to complex fancier looks, it is also pretty sleek which is nice. The color names in this palette are interesting as they are just straight out what they are, like the white is called white. Some of my favorite/ most used are cream, taupe, Lt. pink, mauve, cold, Lt. bronze then I also like, but use a bit less, pewter, garnet, well actually I use about every color in this pallet, which is great as I’m really getting my monies worth. The only colors I don’t use all that much are slate (a bit too dark of a grey, but I’m working on using it more)  and deep purple (I have a lot of dark purples and don’t use them all that much, so when I do it’s what ever I have closest to me).

This was a pretty long post if I do say so, so I think it’s time to close it all. I personaly get more use out of the lorac palette, but I prefer mattes over metallics. I find more everyday looks from lorac, but more night looks from the naked palette. It does come down to what you prefer, but since I figured you were wondering my presence, it’s lorac pro.

-Allie Kat


Nude’ tude vs Nude Dude


The Balm is known for cheaper, but still high end beauty products that are surrounded by cute vintage style packaging and fun names. Offerring a cheaper alternative to Urban Decay’s Naked Palette The Balm came out with Nude’ tude, a natural inspired eye shadow pallet. The other month, The Balm released the second palette in the “Nude collection”, Nude Dude. A lot of people are wondering the differences and similarities between the two pallets, so I made a post about my thoughts between them.

First off I think they are actually very different, but their are a few similarities. I did a few swatches to show the colors that I thought were pretty similar.


Both pallets have a matte brown, which is always handy, and each a bit different. Sultry is a bit deeper and warmer, while Flawless is lighter and more cool toned. Next we have Sexy, one of my favorite colors, it’s a matte red wine  color. Friendly and Funny both reminded me a bit of Sexy, but neither was quite it, Friendly is a matte deep warm purple while Funny is more of a redish brown that is a satin finish.


I thought they looked maybe a little similar in the pan, and when I swatched them they would be even more similar, but I was wrong, they are pretty different, they are both simmery, golden midtowns, but Firm is a bit more pink and purplely.


These were the simmery light golden colors of both pallets. Snobby is more yellow while faithful is more golden. Fabulous is just lighter and more  white.

Each pallet offered different things. Nude’ tude offers some great colors like Sexy, Seductive, and the best black (Serious), but it  lacks wearable and matte lighter colors, I feel like it is a great pallet for dressing up looks. Nude Dude is more everyday and golden and purple. I like the wearable matte light color (Fearless) and the fun gold colors, but it is lacking a black and some deeper dressier colors (if that makes sense).

In my opinion both pallets are good, if you need some nice rich colors to add to your looks pick up Nude’ tude, but if you would like more everyday or Naked 3 is colors, go for Nude Dude

-Allie Kat