“Movie Theater PopCorn”

If you love popcorn, fun, simple, and yummy treats this recipe is for you! Seeing movies, new and old, with friends is always enjoyable. A lot of people like to eat popcorn and candy when they do this. If you are a person who likes to do so, or you have a friend that does and you want to give them a treat, keep reading.


  1. Pop the corn. I use any microwaveable popcorn. But, you can use any type of popcorn you like. I use butter most of the time, but you can switch it up and use caramel or something.
  2. Get the candy. Choose as many different candies as you like. My favorite is chocolate chips, but snowcaps, kit-kats, sweetish fish, sour patch kids, or any candy will do.
  3. sprinkle anway. Add in all the candy to your heart’s desire. You can even get crazy and add a drizzling or sprinkles.
  4. Put it in what ever you want and eat away. Mine is not the prettiest because I was giving it to a friend for a movie in just a big ziplock bag…
  5. Enjoy and pick a good movie!!!!!!

-Allie Kat